How Can a Consultant Improve Assessment of Talent?

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Most firms see the value of having an effective assessment component in their recruitment process; however, many lack the organizational commitment and resources required to see its successful implementation.

Failing to carry out an effective assessment process can result in a hiring process filled with bias, a lack of validity, and an overall tiring and negative candidate experience. That is why when it comes to designing, implementing, and improving an effective assessment process, many companies look externally for inspiration. The benefits of looking outside your organization are plentiful, but they all point back to one thing - maximizing your recruitment ROI via efficiency and candidate retention. 


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Process Efficiency 

When it comes to establishing your assessment method, efficiency is equally important as effectiveness. And when it comes to ensuring that your assessment is equal parts efficient and effective, turning to a professional consultant is key. Why? An experienced recruitment consultant has carried out dozens, if not hundreds of assessment processes for various roles, making them one of the best in project management and analysis. It also means that they are well-versed in selecting the suitable assessment method for your recruitment needs. In general, a professional consultant can streamline your assessment selection and implementation so that it fits perfectly into your recruitment process.



Improved Candidate Experience 

As mentioned, mastering assessment is like a balancing act between hiring accuracy and a positive candidate experience. On one hand, as a candidate yourself, it is unlikely that you would want to go through a six-month recruitment process. Not only is this time-consuming, but it likely fails to capture the true value you have to offer. On the other hand, as someone involved in the hiring process, you want to make sure that your recruitment process is full-proof when it comes to finding the perfect fit. However, full-proof is not synonymous with length. In fact, dragging out a recruitment process may do more harm than good since capturing more candidate data may create more noise or, even worse, cause your best candidates to drop out. This is where a recruitment consultant can come in and help you master the experience-assessment balancing act that nearly all companies experience. Not only have they struck an objective balance before, but they may be embedded into your company in such a way that enables them to strike a balance that reflects the recruitment and cultural objectives specific to your organization.



Support Company Culture 

Organizational change can be tricky, and at times, a new hire can be a destabilizing factor in the workplace. This may be because of change itself, or it may come down to a clash of personality traits or even poor expectations management. That is why when it comes to defining “fit,” it is equally important to consider cultural elements as well as more technical ones. An external recruiter is well-versed in identifying personality traits that support your company culture; both can help you craft custom candidate profiles that will help keep your company culture healthy. Additionally, an embedded recruiter may help you establish an onboarding process that is sure to manage expectations and transitions well within your organization.

Despite the benefits of hiring a consultant, many still have their reservations. Before deciding if this is something that is right for your company, it is best to weigh all options and make a pros and cons list. Additionally, if you are considering bringing a recruitment consultant into your recruitment process, feel free to get in touch with one of our consultants to learn more about the process.