Meet Recruitment Consultant Christian!

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Get an insider’s view on life at First Engineers from a family member who has witnessed a big part of our growth.

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Name: Christian Hammer

Education: Business & Economics

Years at FE: 4

Role: Recruitment Consultant/Onsite Consultant

Best memory at FE: Moving from a 20 square meter office to a 500 square meter office. That was a great sign that we were doing something right.

What are your current responsibilities?

I do everything from A to Z in helping our clients scale. I’ve worked with the founders of a fast-growing startup in defining their hiring strategy, as well as taking charge of recruitment and assessments. I’m currently in a split role where I work with exciting startups, as well as working onsite at one of the world’s largest telecom companies, helping managers to find the right people as their teams continue to grow.

How does a typical week look like in your role?

It’s a good split between sourcing, interviewing and client meetings.

How would you describe the development opportunities at FE?

The growth opportunities at FE have always been at the core of my desire to work here. You get as much responsibility as you take!

How would you describe the culture?

Result-oriented and very including. We celebrate every win together. Great opportunities for professional growth.

Could you explain ROWE?

ROWE is about the results you deliver, not the number of hours you put in. This means a lot of freedom and responsibility. It means heavy workloads at times, but also extra days of vacation when you need it.

Where do you see First Engineers in a two-year perspective?

I believe FE will be an established company and the preferred go-to agency within our core markets.

How would you recommend working at FE?

You will make a huge impact on both individuals and companies. You’ll get the opportunity to work with the hottest startups/scaleups and with some of the largest corporates in Norway.

Any advice for new employees?

Ask questions and dare to challenge us.

If you would like to join Christian as a Recruitment Consultant, apply here.