Meet Recruitment Consultant Marius!

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"We are doing something special here." Meet Marius.


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Name: Marius Lugg

Education: Bachelor in HR and HRM from Kristiania University College

Years at FE: 2.5 years

Role: Talent Acquisition Consultant

Best memory at FE:

This might sound a bit like a cliché, but I find it hard to pick just one. We, of course, do a lot of fun stuff outside of work, but for me, it’s all about the things happening on a day-to-day basis. For instance, our spontaneous and crazy intense “throw the tennis ball in the trash-bin” contest, where the loser has to go to the supermarket to buy candy or soda when we all get a synchronized craving for sweets. We also have a Kahoot! each Friday with the whole office, where the winner gets a prize like a bottle of wine. With so many competitive people gathered in one place, we do not joke around when the weekly Kahoot! is happening. Humiliating my colleagues in FIFA is also something I’ll never get tired of!

What are your current responsibilities?

I’m responsible for the initial phases of the process; sourcing, contact, and screening of candidates, as well as writing job ads and job analysis, posting on Social Media etc. I also do all of the communication with both clients and candidates and make sure that we stick to the project plan.

How does a typical week look like in your role?

Every week starts off with our Monday meeting, where we synchronize on the past and the upcoming week. After that, I always set aside some time to plan my week, to make sure all projects are getting the focus and attention needed. The rest of the week is usually a good mixture of sourcing, contacting candidates, interviews, client meetings, and keeping up with the tech-scene or other relevant markets.

How would you describe the development opportunities at FE?

Without any doubt, excellent. We get a lot of responsibility early on, and you can really feel that proactiveness and being independent is something that everyone here praises. The bar for asking a colleague is also really low, so we learn a lot from each other each day which also helps to boost our self-development.

How would you describe the culture?

Forward-leaning, professional and fun. We take nothing for granted and know that it’s professionalism, knowledge and hard work that not only has taken us where we are today, but will also help us reach our ambitious goals, both short and long term.

Could you explain ROWE?

Sure! ROWE stands for Results Only Work Environment and means in short that we’re not measured by input, but output and our results. I love ROWE, as it constantly fuels my autonomy. For instance, we do not count vacation weeks, and you do not need to be at the office every day (but I mean, this is where the fun is going on, so people are mostly here). It’s all about being your own boss, with the responsibility and freedom that comes with it. If you have been working hard for some time, producing results and feel that you need some time off to charge your batteries, then take a vacation. This is ROWE at its finest.

Where do you see FE in a two-year perspective?

I think the next two years will be all about healthy growth for First Engineers. We will without any doubt be in an even stronger position than we are today in the Norwegian recruitment market, but I think and hope that we also are expanding even more outside of Norway. Last year we opened a branch in Krakow – why stop there?

How would you recommend working at FE?

I do really believe that we are doing something special here, and it’s a powerful thing to feel that you are an important component of such an amazing journey with all these awesome people. When you also feel that you grow as an individual, both professionally and on a personal level, I think that combination is rare and is something you won’t get in a lot of places.

Any advice for new employees?

Be yourself and never be afraid to share both good things and frustrations with your colleagues. We truly have a family-like feeling, and a family is always there to help you on the road to success.

If you would like to join Marius as a Talent Acquisition Consultant, apply here.