Meet Helle: Country Manager Norway

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As one of our earliest hires, Helle has played an integral part of FE's growth - both within and outside of Norway. As she recently stepped into the role as Country Manager Norway, we sat down with her to hear learn more about her journey and her new role.  Watch the full video interview here.  

Hi Helle! You recently started your new role as Country Manager Norway. Would you mind telling us a little bit about your journey with FE?

I joined FE in 2016 starting out as a Recruitment Specialist when the company was still quite small. We were only 4 people, but even then we had the goal of being the best in recruitment and HR. And I really think that this is a big part of what makes FE so special. 

You just celebrated your 5th year anniversary with FE - congratulations! What has led you to stay with FE as long as you have? 

I would say that this is the only company in this industry where you are given a lot of opportunities to grow as an individual and develop your skill set, but also receive an immense amount of ownership to be part of growing the company itself, because we know that in order for the company to succeed the individual has to succeed.

FE also has an impressive client portfolio, which has allowed me to work closely with clients such as Vipps, Attensi and Telenor - both hands on as both a recruitment specialist and as a manager. I really feel I am part of scaling and impacting these innovative tech companies, which is really exciting!


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The role of Country Manager is one of the more impactful positions we have filled internally - could you explain your focus and responsibilities in this position?

The responsibilities in my new role as CM Norway primarily consist of leading our flagship HQ in Norway while continue to scale globally. One of the main reasons we saw a need for this role was due to the fact that sometimes when companies expand internationally, they lose track of the markets they are established in. That is why I am responsible for keeping us the preferred provider of recruitment and HR services within Norway and ensuring that we are maintaining quality deliveries in our home market. Additionally, a large part of the role is establishing efficient workflows hat enable us to scale even more!

That sounds really excited! What do you think has prepared you to take on these new responsibilities? 

I really believe what prepared me for this role and its responsibilities within our global expansion is that I have done basically everything you can do within recruitment - both with client projects and internal projects. As a recruitment consultancy, we are firm believers that recruiting top talent is at the heart and core of scaling organizations, and there is no exception when it comes to our own growth. Having such a varied skillset within a skill such as recruitment is vital and has really paved the way for me to take on this new role. 

Thanks for much for your time today, Helle! We are excited to see you flourish as you continue in your new role!

If you are interested in becoming a part of our global journey, head over to our career page to learn more about our open positions in Norway and around the globe.