Welcome to FE Labs

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Let’s introduce ourselves, shall we?

We are First Engineers, a recruitment and consulting company from Norway. We stand for removing human biases from recruitment with our data-driven recruitment process. 

Since we established our company in 2012, we have specialized in technology, startups, and engineering recruitment. Now, we would like to share our experience with you.

You’ll find it here, on FE Labs. If you work in these industries, you’ll get the insights and advice that will help you grow in your domain. You’ll get all the industry news, career growth advice, tips on how to perfect your next recruitment process, creating performance culture and how to retain your colleagues. In short – the skills that your employer will love you for.

We want to provide value for recruiters, managers, and executives within our industries.

We’ll write about the trends and tactics that you can adopt into your own organization.

From now on, we will update FE Labs every week with relevant and interesting learning, both experience and curated content. You no longer need to scan various blogs for high-quality content. All this will be waiting for you right here!

So, check in weekly, subscribe and grow with us!